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"Not The Team News" - A message from the Ministry Team
A missive from the Ministry Team to all our members.

December 2019: "Turn of the year"
The Vicar reflects on the turning from one year to the next.

Sepember 2019: Faith
Fr Chris encourages us to think on our Faith

August 2019: Who do we pray for?
John Curtis contemplates how we pray in the light of political uncertainty

June 2019: Seeming and Being
Richard Hewitt wonders how "Yes, Minister" might challenge us to reflect on how we live out our faith.

May 2019: Christian Aid
The Revd Sandy Dutton shares the value of taking part in Christian Aid week.

April 2019: Remember the Promise of Easter
The Revd Maggie Swayze reflects on the link between our baptism and the celebration of Easter.

December 2018: What is there to say about Christmas?
The Curate, Revd. Samuel S. Thorp, wonders what on earth is left to say about Christmas?!

August 2018: Surrendering
The Revd Maggie Swayze shares a personal reflection on trusting God.

June 2018: The Riches of a Post-Communion Prayer
Fr Chris Davidson guides us to a deeper appreciation of a common post-communion prayer.

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