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April 2019: Remember the Promise of Easter


As I sit to write this article, we have just begun the season of Lent – the season of giving up, or taking on extra things in order to draw closer to God, through self discipline, and making time for prayer and studying the scriptures.  When you read this article we will be very close to Easter, and I look forward to Baptising a baby girl on Easter day at Roydon parish church.

Baptisms are always very joyful occasions, but there is a no more appropriate day for them than Easter Sunday. On that day we joyfully celebrate Jesus’  Resurrection and his victory over death and sin, so that we have a new beginning. That is why in most of our churches on Easter day we are invited to renew our Baptism promises, which for the majority of us were made on our behalf by our parents and godparents. Those promises are that we will follow Christ, and will ‘turn to’ him throughout our lives.  If our parents and godparents have done their job they will have ensured that we have been guided how to pray and understand the Christian faith.

Even if you are not a regular churchgoer, perhaps this year make an effort to attend church on Easter day and celebrate with the family you joined when you were Baptised.  You will be reminded of the promises made for you perhaps many years ago. And you will be given a very warm welcome.

The Revd Maggie Swayze (Assistant Priest, Diss Team Ministry)