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August 2019: Who do we pray for?


At the time of writing it has not yet been decided who will be pour new Prime Minister.  Much has been talked about, a great deal has been written and even a TV debate.  But I just wonder how much of this has been prayed about.  Some people want one or other of the candidates but do we, as Christians, ask ‘who God wants?’  Do we or do we not involve God in politics?  Some try to keep religion and politics separate but this is not the way Jesus lived.  In all our major decisions of life we should always seek God’s opinion and pray “thy will be done” and mean it.  Sometimes this may mean the result of prayer being the opposite of what we want.

So often in our private prayers we give God a shopping list of what we want Him to do – usually help someone get better, help when a relationship is breaking down, help someone in bereavement etc and these are all essential and necessary parts of intercessions. But we also need to include a request for God’s will to be done in the major political and national matters of life.

During this holiday season try to expand the list or things you pray for.  Some examples may be for the guidance of the Holy Spirit on the new prime minister, who ever he may be, peace among warring nations, for the safety of the armed forces, for the secret services who keep us safe....the list is almost endless.

So whether you are sunning yourself on a foreign beach or relaxing in Norfolk take the opportunity to giving some thought about who you ought to pray for rather than just who you want to pray for.

John Curtis