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December 2017: Sheep!



Yes, Sheep!

Every year – it seems to me – the makers of Christmas cards seem to end up producing cards that follow a theme.

Sometimes is the Kings (who didn’t arrive until Jesus was a toddler!), sometimes its robins, and other times it’s angels and occasionally it’s a stylised scene representing the birth of Christ. 

Well this year it seems to be sheep! Or it might be I’m just looking for them…..! And why might I be looking for them?  Well for the last few years I’ve been trying to tell all our littlies about Joshua and Anna who have lost their sheep. 

Joshua and Anna represent the shepherds on the hill on Christmas Eve who, having been told by the angels that Jesus is born, rush to see him, taking a lamb with them (well that’s what’s on our Christmas cards; it doesn’t say that in the Bible). 

But Joshua and Anna have been distracted by an enormous sheep (called Baaarbara) and the sheep have disappeared. Baaaarbara represents the glitz and glamour of Christmas, and Joshua and Anna represent us, rather missing the point of it all.

The point that we miss?  The thing that we tend to overlook?

It’s that Jesus is the most important gift that we could ever receive and he is freely given and freely available to all.

Come to one of our churches anytime to find out more.

But if you’d like to help find the sheep with your little one then just pop into Diss after 1st December and look out for the “lost sheep found here” posters and ask a member for one of the lost sheep.

AND if you’ve got time why not take it to one of our Crib Services to reunite it with Joshua and Anna. 

Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed 2018.

Every Blessing,

Rev Wendy Evans. 

Diss Team Ministry Vicar