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May 2018: Easter, like dogs, is not just for a day but for Life.


A dog is not for Christmas but for life. As a dog lover I would wholeheartedly agree with that. We could say, in a similar way, Easter is not for a day or a season but for life. We have recently celebrated Christ's resurrection but there is a temptation to say 'done that for another year' and start thinking about summer holidays.

For the Christian life is different. Each time we celebrate the Eucharist we proclaim “Christ has died, Christ is Risen, Christ will come again”. The risen Christ is always and permanently on our minds – or should be. We live in the light of the risen Christ. In a way every day is Easter day as we should, in our daily lives, walk as though the risen Christ walked with us.

Part of my ministry was to act as chaplain to a psychiatric hospital. When I visited patients there they often felt lonely and deserted. I spent every effort to try and convince them that Christ was with them, caring for them and helping the to regain their health. I tried to convince them that a living, risen Christ was there sharing their life.

The same is true of us. No matter what we have done, when we are like, what we think, the risen Christ, the Easter Christ is with us every day not just once a year. All we have to do is to accept that and share that Good News with others.
Rev John Curtis