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"Not The Team News" - A message from the Ministry Team



During this time of lockdown, we are in uncharted territory as far as our everyday lives are concerned, and that includes our church life. But although the church buildings may be shut, that does not mean that the Church is “closed”. We just have to exist in other ways for now. We can turn to our foundation statements of loving God and loving our neighbour. 

The clergy team are calling all of you on our membership lists through the coming weeks to keep in touch, and from those we’ve already spoken to we are getting wonderful tales of how many are receiving support through ‘phone calls, emails &c – in fact one person told how she couldn’t remember her ‘phone ringing so often! And we can continue to come before God in prayer for our world, our nation, our friends and families. Whilst physically separate, we are not alone, “surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses”. The clergy are continuing to use Morning and Evening Prayer and will be praying with and for you each day. You can find these yourselves by going to the Church of England website and following the links. Or listen to the Daily Service and Sunday Worship on Radio 4 or BBC TV, and don’t forget Choral Evensong on Radio 3 each Wednesday! 

We know many of you are disappointed that we may not be able to celebrate Easter in the usual way this year. But it is not about an anniversary at a particular time of year, more an affirmation of God’s power to renew and give promise of new life. So perhaps we should treat this time as an extended Lent of self-denial, and we can celebrate “Easter” when we are able once again to come together in our churches.  

God bless you, and keep you safe,

Tony, John, Samuel & Maggie, Janice & Sue 


Father God, at this time we face an unknown future.
But we can be sure that you are with us in our companionship and our loneliness,
In our times of trust and times of fear.
Help us to maintain our faith in you and our care for our brothers and sisters as the weeks go by. 
For you are our help, our strength and our joy through all things,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.