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Bible stories are brought to life for schoolchildren by our benefice Open the Book team. This initiative by the Bible Society provides narrated versions of the old tales, with actors in costume.

Diss Church Junior  and North Lopham Primary Schols have been entertained by the likes of David & Goliath and the Judgement of Solomon from the Old Testament. The Nativity and miracle workings of Jesus have been among the New Testament stories.

Props and costumes are basic and suggestive:  a wooden sword, a robe, Middle Eastern head-gear – relying on narration skills, mimetic flair and the children's imagination. A boat made by one of the team has been invaluable when presenting scenes like Christ walking on the water. The young pupils thrilled to the death of Goliath and rocked with laughter at humorous moments in the stories, many of which they were experiencing for the first time.

New performers are always welcome, as are helpers with making costumes and props.
Please contact Angie Gardner  gardner.angie@gmail.com