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Friends of St John the Baptist, Bressingham

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We established a community ‘Friends of St. John the Baptist, Bressingham’ on 12 November, 2014 and we currently have 16 members who paid £5 to join.  As we all know, many of our ancient east Anglian parish churches are in a poor state of repair, and ours is no exception, particularly as all the gutters are failing and many have large holes!  Our main priority is ensuring our beautiful medieval building survives for future generations.

‘Friends’ play an important role in ensuring the building survives and remains at the heart of our community.    Our Friends can do as much or as little as they wish.  Simply visiting the church helps the building stay alive; visitors may appreciate the church as a place for quiet reflection.   Helping decorate the church (as several village groups did for Christmas 2014) can be fun and a fantastic community event.  I think all Friends share an appreciation for the aesthetic, historical and cultural importance of our church; they are certainly playing their part, helping to preserve and restore the church just by paying an annual membership fee of £5.

Friends can also support and inspire the small team of volunteers who are currently applying to funds (such as Heritage Lottery Fund) for essential (roof and gutters) repair work.  Ideas are always welcome!

As a new group we are ‘finding our feet’ how best to fundraise and reintegrate our building into the heart of the community.  For our first year we decided to focus on just a few community events.  Our next is a ‘Wildflower Talk’ by Stella Taylor to be held in the church (slides) and churchyard on Saturday, 23 May at 3p.m.  Refreshments will be served – if the weather is fine, why not picnic with the family.

On Sunday, 5 July, the Bishop of Thetford is coming to dedicate the newly refurbished church porch roof in memory of Rodger and Millie Aves.  The service starts at 4p.m. and refreshments will be served afterwards.  PLEASE come and support us and remember two wonderful people who gave so much not just to the church but to the village of Bressingham.  You will be most welcome.

Saturday, 27 June: Strawberry tea at the church - quintessentially summer England.

For further information on the Friends of St. John the Baptist, Bressingham, please contact Linda Holly (01379 687729) hollyjl@btinternet.com and Leonora Pearce (01379 688400) leonoramc53@gmail.com